Just Jargon

The 2013 National Victims of Crime Awareness Week theme “We can all play a role“ reflected the increasingly complex task of providing services to victims of crime and tragic circumstances today. As agencies that provide services to victims we face emerging challenges, such as a reduction in resources, changing demographics, immigration, human trafficking, terrorism, new types of crime, and the use of technology both to commit and solve crimes.

We also confront enduring challenges. Victims’ rights are not universal and often not enforced. Victims do not always receive the dignity and respect they deserve. Victims often absorb the physical, emotional, and financial costs largely by themselves. Many violent crimes are not reported, and only a fraction of victims receive the help they need. The purpose of “Just Jargon” was to learn more about these victims, how we can best help them, and how to better focus our resources to reach each and every victim.

”Just Jargon” provided the opportunity for an open discussion about the services and programs available for victims within the District of Parry Sound. Being knowledgeable about the services available to victims gave each of us the opportunity to pass along information to someone whose life has been touched by crime and tragic circumstances. We all can play a role in helping victims access the services available to them.


Just Jargon – Final report

Being Least Intrusive

 Being Least Intrusive emerges from the front-line challenges of practice in responding to situations of abuse, neglect and self-neglect of vulnerable older adults living in the District of Parry Sound communities.

BLI summary report

You Are Not Alone…

This report was written with the courageous assistance of the suicide survivors on the panel and the amazing contributions of the key stakeholders who came to hear them speak. We hope it will move us, within the District of Parry Sound, to set a direction/plan that addresses the practical matters that our communities will need in dealing with suicide.



Understanding a Community Response to Human Trafficking

While both domestic and international trafficking is known to occur within and across Ontario’s borders it is difficult to acquire official estimates due to the hidden nature of the crime.  The purpose of the human trafficking project was to attempt to ascertain the nature and scope of human trafficking in the District of Parry Sound in order to develop a coordinated localized response that best meets the needs of human trafficking victims in our area.

HT Final Report – Final