The District of Parry Sound is striving to become an age-friendly community by developing policies, programs, services, and environments that support and enable citizens to age actively by:

  • Recognizing the wide range of capacities and resources among older persons,

  • Anticipating and responding flexibly to aging-related needs and preferences of seniors,

  • Respecting the decisions and lifestyle choices of older adults,

  • Supporting older adults who are most vulnerable, and

  • Promoting the participation of older adults, and encouraging their contributions to all aspects of community life.

The information and resources available on this site were selected based on the understanding that the District of Parry Sound requires a unique approach to achieving age-friendliness.

On this site you will find:

  • Opportunities and information to support older people being treated with respect, feeling safe and are included in civic life.

  • Opportunities for volunteerism that cater to older persons’ interests and abilities.

  • Age-Friendly information

  • Community support and health information tailored to older persons’ needs.

FASTFinancial Abuse Support Team (FAST) is a program, based on a peer to peer intervention model, which would be offered to persons at risk of financial abuse.

The goal of the FAST program is to guide and assist at-risk vulnerable persons in establishing a budget, managing their own finances and facilitating their understanding of financial abuse.

The Team would consist of senior volunteers who have life experience in managing finances (e.g. bookkeepers, accountants, bankers) who will not assume responsibility for the individual’s financial management, power of attorney, or signing authority but empower the individual to independently manage their own finances, while minimizing their risk of financial abuse.