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 What is EARS?

EARS(Emergency Animal Respite Service) is being created in response to requests from EMS, fire services, hospital emergency departments and OPP, to address situations where an animal is left without care because of a medical crisis or tragic circumstance. Currently, first responders are often taking these animals to their homes until the owner has recovered or next-of-kin arrives to claim the pet which, although a wonderful gesture, is not the most practical solution.

Example: an elderly woman was traveling to her cottage just north of Parry Sound. She is involved in a car accident and is to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. However she is extremely concerned about leaving her uninjured dog.The paramedics eventually transported the dog to the hospital in the ambulance.

Where it was housed in the ambulance bay until a nurse took it home.

EARS addresses the situation by providing the animals with emergency veterinary care and/or licensed kennel care. There are four kennels in the District of Parry Sound that have agreed to offer their services in these crisis situations at a reduced cost.

Victim Services has arranged with the kennels that they will transport the animal(s) and,  if any medical needs arise while the animals are in their care, they will take the animal to a vet. The charges will be paid by the kennel and reimbursed by the owner.

 In the future we hope to expand the program to include a foster program which would provide services for

  • Individuals who are placed in long term care (animals will then be appropriately trained and allowed to visit their owners within the care facilities)

  • Assistance for farmers who are injured or unable to care for livestock

Volunteer description

A foster parent provides a safe and loving environment for companion animals until they are ready to return to their owners. Alongside affection, foster parents provide basic care for the animals such as food, shelter, and water. In the event that the animal requires medical care, the foster family may be required to transport the animal to a vet.

  • Mature, responsible individual, nineteen (19) years of age and older

  • Safe environment for animals

  • Basic knowledge of resources available in the service area

  • Required training completion- Victim Services 101/Grief and Bereavement (Free)

  • Satisfactory references and criminal records check

Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent!

You may submit an EARS Foster Care Application here 


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