A robbery/break and enter/theft is when someone takes something from you and could include actions with violence or threats – often but not always in the street, your work place or your home. It’s a relatively common crime.

How you react to robbery/break and enter/theft will depend on lots of different factors – not just the crime but things about you as a person. Everyone will respond differently. But however you feel, remember that’s it’s never your fault – only the offender is to blame and nobody has the right to take or destroy your things. You may find that you have no reaction straight afterwards, but later on you may start to feel more affected. The effects of a crime like this can last a long time. You may find that you are afraid of becoming a victim again and this makes you nervous about going out, leaving your home and being in public places. Many people find it very helpful to talk to someone about feelings like this. Every year our service helps many people who have been victims of robbery/break and enter/theft. You can talk to us in confidence. We are also trained to give you practical assistance and information on the criminal justice system.There are often so many things to do following a burglary that it can help to talk to someone, who can help you to consider next steps, and to plan the things that need doing.

Victim Services can:

  • Help you to cope with the effects of the burglary and consider next steps.

  • Give practical help to fill in forms, deal with insurance and assist with canceling payment cards, recording stolen items, and replacing stolen documents.

  • Help you to get advice about security systems, locks and repairs.

  • Support you and other members of your family if necessary.

  • Assist you get in touch with other organizations that can help if there are problems we can’t deal with.

  • Help you to deal with other agencies, such as the police or housing.


Ontario Provincial Police

Utilizing a problem oriented policing approach, SafeGuard Ontario public awareness and education initiatives are also supported through its Property Security Reviews of homes and small businesses by OPP Auxiliary members specially trained through the program.


Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services


Muskoka-Parry Sound Community Mental Health Service

We provide free mental health services to adults including crisis intervention, counseling, rehabilitation, recovery support, psychiatric treatment, partner assault housing support and a protective service program.