Panic. This is one word that has been used to describe family response to a missing loved one. Throughout our lives, we take measures to be prepared; we plan for life events, we anticipate where problems might arise and we seek out certainty and safety in the world around us. When a loved one is missing, all preparation is wrenched from the hands of a family, leaving in its place, panic. Few events are as distressing as experiencing the sudden crisis of a missing loved one leaving families and communities with a sense of unresolved loss, unanswered questions and a desperate need for hope that things will turn out.

Victim Services can offer an organized and responsive approach to missing person situations by supporting the families and providing useful and practical information to help them cope. Victim Services can help with addressing issues and processes that need to be negotiated by families whose loved ones have disappeared. We also seek to provide information and resources that will assist families who report a missing adult.


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