When you first realize that someone you are close to may have a mental illness or an addiction, it can be a chaotic and frightening time. You fear where this may lead. Suddenly you are called upon to provide special support for which you feel completely unprepared.

Having a family member with a mental illness or addiction can be very stressful. Whether the person is a son, daughter, husband, wife, brother or sister, you will be affected by their illness too. At the same time, the problems, fears and behaviour of your relative may strain your patience and your ability to cope.

Whether you suspect or know for certain that a member of your family has a psychiatric disorder or an addiction, you will probably find that it helps to learn more about the issue. What can you do? Who can you talk to? Victim Services can provide information, practical assistance and referral to community supports that can assist you.


Muskoka-Parry Sound Community Mental Health Service

We provide free mental health services to adults including crisis intervention, counseling, rehabilitation, recovery support, psychiatric treatment, partner assault housing support and a protective service program.


Alcoholics Anonymous


Al-anon and Alateen


Addictions Outreach

Addiction Outreach Muskoka Parry Sound is committed to providing assessment, counseling, group facilitation, case management and referral services to all persons who have been adversely impacted by substance use and gambling.