Anyone can be susceptible to fraud. Even the most careful of people can be caught out and sometimes in only takes the smallest piece of information such as your phone number, email or address for the situation to snowball out of control. Sometimes fraud victims blame themselves after a crime like this, but never forget that you’re not to blame – only the offender is responsible for this crime taking place.

Fraud can cause huge amounts of stress or distress.  However you’re feeling or whenever the crime took place, you can talk to someone from Victim Support in complete confidence. Regardless of whether or not you have told the police or anyone else, we can help.  Most victims of crime want to talk to someone about what has happened and how they’re feeling. Friends and family can be very helpful, but Victim Services are specially trained to listen and understand. We can also give useful information to help you deal with some of the problems a crime has caused as well as offer practical assistance.

Identity theft is specifically when someone commits fraud by using your personal details to commit crime. (I.e. deceiving others, opening bank accounts, applying for loans or purchasing goods and services using your bank details). It can also extend to ‘borrowing’ your identity to hide debts or poor credit ratings and, in extreme cases, creating identity documents. This crime can be extremely damaging as not only do you feel powerless to stop the crimes being committed, you may not be aware that it’s happening until it is too late. Fraud and deception happen to many people, nationally and internationally.  These clever, well organized criminals will use every known trick to mislead and deceive you.


Ontario Provincial Police (Fraud Prevention)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)