Family crisis involves personal problems within the family that cannot be resolved without assistance. In many cases it is not one individual who will need help, it is the entire family. Families, overburdened with a crisis may not have enough time and energy to deal with everything. Victim Services will take time to listen and help in determining the supports needed.

Whether Victim Services provide the needed assistance or intervention, or refer families to community resources, we can be a source of support to the family. Victim Service is guided by six goals, which aim to stabilize and strengthen the family.

  • Identify and understand the crisis triggering event(s);

  • Relieve the acute symptoms of stress being experienced by the family and individual family members;

  • Restore the family and family members to their best pre-crisis levels of functioning or better;

  • Identify the steps the family, victim Services, and community resource providers can take to remedy the crisis;

  • Establish a connection between the family’s current situation and past experiences; and

  • Support the family’s use of new ways of coping with stressful situations



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